PIYASO Ventures Pvt Ltd, is a company established in Kerala for the purpose of conducting free classifieds & local search engine in B2B sector. It has been established by a group of like minded youngsters from across India and abroad. This itself is very unique. PIYASO is providing a platform for the common people to purchase and sell various commodities and provide other services spread in urban and rural areas. It has 3 main divisions, which include BUY & SELL , LOCAL DIRECTORY and EXCLUSIVE services. In the Buy & Sell, a customer can buy and sell any of his used and new items across various product categories. He/she can also look for jobs, educational services, real estate...etc. Our next division is Local directory. Here there are more than 100 categories of various services, products and emergency contacts. This is a "must have" for everybody for searching doctors, schools, hospitals, ambulance, daycare,blood bank, advocates, electricians, plumbers, showrooms, police and other services. In our Exclusive service section, we do have exclusive services to the general public such as Real estate, event management, construction- interior & exterior services, tours & travels etc..

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